Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Poem for UK Shed Week 2008

Uncle Wilco at Readersheds asked Shedman to write a poem in honour of the UK's National Shed Week 2008, the winners and the Shed of the Year.

Wor-cester-shire's gone a bit squelchy. Like its sauce, it's pouring, but Shedman has taken a bit of time out of the shed to write an

Encomium* for Shed Week

In Shedbury they’re celebrating the winners of Shedweek,
flags and bunting deck the streets and houses of Shedwick;
Sheddingham resounds to the cheers of sheddie folk
and Bedfordshire has change its name to extend the joke.

In allotments, along the tracks, the sheds of Britain amass
to join the chorus of salute to the winners of each class.
'All hail!' they cry, as thunderclouds deliver another load,
leaving the sheds slightly damp but not at all subdued.

And to you, Tim from Sudbury, the highest accolade:
The Rugby Pub of Suffolk, the finest ever made;
octagonal with roof lights, complete with double doors
three fridges and a hammock, Shed of the Year is yours.

Upsteps a larch-lapped champion to raise the cry again
across United Sheddom, from every shed and man:
'To you the victor’s laurels, to you the winner’s band!
The Rugby Pub of Suffolk is the best shed in the land!'

*High praise in honour of a victor – from the Latin!

©Shedman 2008 All rights reserved

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