Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Shedman at Ledbury Poetry Festival

Here's a shot of Shedman's shed at Ledbury - or should that be Shedbury - Poetry Festival. Kindly provided by B&Q Hereford, the shed was raffled and raised £100 for Cancer Research UK.

The shed was right outside the Burgage House in Ledbury. The flags were created by a posse of beautiful ladies. People come and pin stuff to the walls including (if you look carefully on the back wall you can see it) The Times article about Shed Week...

If you have any more shots of Shedman in Ledbury do send them in. You can find Shedman's email address on his website.

Many thanks to everyone who called by to say hello to Shedman, share a shed story and the odd poem or two.

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