Thursday, 22 January 2009

Group seeks God in 'The Shack'

Controversial best-seller sparks a teaching series at Broken Arrow church

'Had to happen,' says Shedman. 'Look out for more Shack related activities, but you have been warned.

' The shack serves as a backdrop for a 12-week teaching series on a best-selling novel that is being praised and criticized in publications, on Web sites, by Bible study groups and during Starbucks' conversations across the nation.

The Rev. Chris Buskirk, founder and pastor of Abiding Harvest, said he decided to teach the series on "The Shack" after realizing it could help people "turn the page on the pain of broken relationships and tragedies in their lives."

"After reading the book, I felt closer to the Lord, more in conversation with God, than at any other time of my life," said Buskirk, who went through the pain of a divorce 15 years ago.

"It was so refreshing to feel that I could relate to God," he said.

The church bought 500 copies of the book for $10 each, and asked their members to give them away to friends. Forty visitors were at the church Sunday for the start of the series.

"The Shack" is an allegory about Mack, a man plunged into despair when a serial killer abducts and murders his young daughter Missy on a family vacation.

Over the course of their weekend conversations, Mack's life is healed as he comes to terms with his daughter's murder and begins to understand why God allows evil.

"The Shack" is an unlikely book to be No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list for 32 straight weeks, with more than 5 million copies in print.

It was written by William P. Young, an Oregon salesman, to tell his children how he overcame the pain of being sexually abused as a child, and the shame and guilt of adultery as an adult.'

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