Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lantern Shed

A toolshed constructed to look like a Japanese lantern.

'Luminhaus is a family retreat nestled on a wooded knoll in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Amherst, Virginia...' ('Remember Doris Day?' asks Shedman.)

'It was built by Jennifer Watson and Barry Bless with the help of their friends, family and local contractors.

'We have needed a tool shed at Luminhaus for a long time,' write Jennifer and Barry, 'but we weren’t sure how to design it.

'A few years ago Jennifer photographed over thirty backyard sheds for a photographic exhibition. This body of work was called the "Vernacular Backyard." Several of these photos are now part of the Luminhaus art collection. During that time, Jennifer and I spent months focused on (obsessed with?) sheds, backyards, and in-between places. Our movements through the city resembled a Situationist's dérive, drifting down alleys instead of streets.'

"I know the feeling,' says Shedman.

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