Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Shedworld and Shedlife - Shedman rearranges his online sheds

After six months' blogging, Shedman feels he's getting the hang of it - after help from Alex at Shedworking and attending the fascinating Digital Horizons 2012 course at Ravensbourne College. (See Where's John? - a test blog for more information...) But like all good sheddies, he's decided to move things round a bit.

So he's refreshed quite a few of the stories, but he's still got the side panels to sort out.

Now Shedlife is where you can tell Shedman what you do in your shed.

And here in Shedworld, Shedman explores the wonderful world of sheds.

The basic idea is that Shedman goes into Shedworld and discovers Shedlife!

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