Monday, 25 May 2009

RHSheds - Chelsea Flower Show 2009

Shedman visited Chelsea Flower Show on Friday 22nd May - a lovely sunny day in the capital. Sheds and shed-like structures were well in evidence and Shedman shares a few of them with you here.

Links lead to sponsors, designers and/or constructors as well as to the RHS website with its 360° virtual tours of the gardens. Descriptions of gardens and stands are quoted from the show catalogue, with acknowledgments to the RHS and contributors. Special thanks to Holly McConnell for a lovely day out.

Courtyard Gardens

Pottering in North Cumbria from the University of Cumbria.

The Fenland Alchemist Garden from Giles Landscapes
Winner of Best Courtyard Garden

Shedman loved this...

Beautifully realised, this garden took ' a light-hearted look at the life of a traditional Fen Tiger who practices the ancient art of alchemy... A winding path of reclaimed York stone takes the visitor to Fen Ben's hovel - a tradional Fenland shed made from reclaimed materials. Next to the shed is a lean-to with a brick furnace where Fen Ben carries out his alchemy.'

See the BBC website coverage of Chelsea.
Of Fen Tigers...

Time to Think - Space to Breathe from Warwickshire College.

Shedman loved this too...

'The garden features a Scandinavian lakeside retreat and sauna lodge, a place of quiet contemplation providing time to think - somewhere with clear mountain air giving space to breathe. It is situated in a peaceful and tranquil opening where dappled woodland meets a serene lake. Boundaries are simple and unobtrusive to define but not confine.

'A green roof helps reduce problems caused by rapid run-off of rainwater. It also provides another environment to increase biodviersity as well as insulating the lodge.'

Urban Gardens

The Children's Society Garden

The designer, Mark Gregory, 'tried to remain true to the spirit of 'A Good Childhood', the landmark report of The Good Childhood Inquiry commissioned by The Children's Society... The report called for families to spend more time doing things together, for adults to pass on their learning and values to children, for children to contribute to the needs of others and for them to eat a healthy diet.'

Small houses were well represented with examples from The Small House and Building Co Ltd, based in West Sussex and Flights of Fantasy from Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Christopher Lisney opted for the Shepherd's Hut look...

While Scotts of Thrapston were showing off their National Trust range of summerhouses.

You can see them here at the which has to be one of the longest domain names Shedman has ever had the pleasure to link to!

Scotts of Thrapston

Not this Scott (of Norwich)

Crane Sheds and MPB Garden Buildings were there as well.

For Pennard Plants of Somerset an old shed was the focal point of their stand.

Which brings Shedman back to Somerset where he's recently been working with the fantastic teachers and students at Worle Community School, Weston Super Mare. More soon...

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