Sunday, 21 June 2009

Ledbury, Poetry and Sheds

And as a prelude to Ledbury Poetry Festival, Shedman is closely reading The Dymock Poets, a fascinating study of the group of Georgian Poets who gathered in Dymock near Ledbury just before the First World War. The group included Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke and the American poet Robert Frost, as well as visitors such as Ivor Gurney and W.H. Davies.

Brian Patten recently featured W.H.Davies in a fascinating programme in the Radio 4, Lost Voices. Davies is famous for the lines:
'What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?'

Contrary to popular belief, Shedman (John Davies) isn't related to W.H.D., but their philosophy is pretty much the same.

Ledbury's poetry connections run much deeper though. It's been home to three famous poets William Langland, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and John Masefield. Masefield was born here, and W.H.Auden was married here. An interesting question is whether Wystan Hugh used his initials in emulation of W.H. (William Henry) Davies?

Shedman will be at Ledbury Poetry Festival over National Shed Week. His beautiful 8' x 6' shed, provided by NFP Ledbury, will be outside Ledbury's ancient Burgage Hall from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 12th. The shed, worth £400, will be raffled to raise money for charity.

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