Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Much Ado Creative Writing Atelier

You're invited to join fellow writers for this unique series of creative writing seminars. 

Book now—just click on the drop down menu to select your atelier strand.

For the writer, there is no greater joy than to spend some time completely focused on their writing, using all their craft and intelligence to entertain, inspire and communicate.

But almost every writer needs to share their work in a supportive group. Make this your year for writing achievement with Much Ado’s unique Atelier Series. 

Each session will take place in the lovely atmosphere of the atelier workshop room at Much Ado Books, 8 West Street, Alfriston, East Sussex, BN26 5UX.

Poetry and Fiction

There will be two parallel series of atelier sessions, one focused on fiction and the other on poetry. Each strand has been freshly designed by John Davies for the series with an encouraging and inspirational rather than academic approach.

Strand 1: Creating Space for Fiction

14.00-15.30 every Thursday
Fiction Atelier 1   Thursday 4 February
Enticing the audience into your story 

Fiction Atelier 2   Thursday 11 February
Points of view
Who is telling or showing us what they are seeing from their point of view? Where are they standing? What filters their view?

Fiction Atelier 3   Thursday 18 February
What happens inside?
What is going on in the spaces we don't see? How does that influence the space between reader and story? 

Fiction Atelier 4   Thursday 25 February
What happens outside?
How do characters interact? How are locations depicted and brought to life?

Fiction Atelier 5   Thursday 3 March
Objects of interest
What is the role of objects in narrative space?

Fiction Atelier 6   Thursday 10 March
Creating your house of fiction
Where do you go now?
A survey of opportunities and activities that will help a wider public find your fiction.

Book now—just click on the drop down menu to select your atelier strand.

Strand 2: Creating Space for Poetry

16.00-17.30 every Thursday

Poetry Atelier 1  Thursday 4 February
The rooms of poetry
What kinds of spaces does poetry construct?
How can you make some of those spaces your own?

Poetry Atelier 2  Thursday 11 February
Space in poetry
What is the role of space in poetry?
How can you use space to create poems with more impact, entertainment value or feeling?

Poetry Atelier 3 Thursday 18 February
The poetry of spaces 
With reference to contemporary and historical poets we’ll look at how poets help us to reconstruct their imaginative space.

Poetry Atelier 4  Thursday 25 February
Ways of getting into a poem as both writer and reader.

Poetry Atelier 5  Thursday 3 March
Ways of finishing and getting out of a poem as both writer and reader – and ways of getting more out of a poem too.

Poetry Atelier 6   Thursday 10 March
Where can your poetry live?
A survey of opportunities and activities that will help a wider public find your poetry.

Book now—just click on the drop down menu to select your atelier strand.

Your atelier guide

Your atelier leader John Davies has great experience running innovative and fruitful classes with people of different ages and backgrounds — from seniors in Surrey and Sussex, to teenagers in Brighton and Bognor. He is known to many as his poetic alter ego Shedman.

John’s published work includes his pamphlet The nutter in the shrubbery (Pighog 2002, reprinted 2008), a full collection Shedman (2008), Our Storeys – Art and Poetry in Healthcare (2014), co-written with Sue Ridge about their major project at North Middlesex University Hospital, as well as poems in The Guardian, and in many magazines and anthologies.

John is one of the most captivating writers and skilled communicators that any festival, community or school could invite into their lives.” 
Sheila Deegan, Arts Officer, Limerick, Ireland

Just wanted to thank you for your brilliant workshop. Everyone involved really enjoyed it. Thank you for making the day such a success. I will definitely be recommending you.” 
Norah Carr, Brighton & Hove Library Service.

Costs and Payment

The cost of each Atelier Course is £240 per person per strand.

If you wish to attend both strands the cost is £456 per person.

The cost for the usual concessions is £216.00 for a single strand and £420 for the two.

You are asked to register and commit to the full series in whichever strand you choose. Please make payment in full by Thursday 4 February 2016. 

You can also pay by cash or cheque made out to John Davies over the counter at Much Ado Books or  you can pay by cash, card or cheque at the first atelier session.

Book now—just click on the drop down menu to select your atelier strand.

Looking forward to welcoming you to this exciting new series.

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